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ZevranXNavi by Xai16
Navi (Dalish) was made to be childish at first, Duncan ACTUALLY had to conscript her and threatened to drag her all the way kicking and screaming the whole way because she was being so stubborn about leaving. I had to pause game a few times to control the laughter. I wanted her to be racist so she was scolded for her rudeness to the "Shemlen king", terribly harsh to her fellow recruits, gave Alistair a hard time for a while (I didn't tease him for missing Duncan, she got along with Morrigan tho), and of course it made sense for her to be attracted to the only other elf. She mellowed out once she had some fun with Zevran, so yeah.

So this was my second playthrough of DA Origins. I knew about Zevran my first playthrough but I still liked Alistair and I totally ship him and my Aeducan, Severa. I've thought about drawing out all my playthrough romances and one of my friend's (she loves The Iron Bull but ever since that one fanfic of him with Dorian and hearing all the fun party banter, I just can't separate them) because I'm officially making drawing a hobby and a habit and this is fun practice.
Mathari Lavellan by Xai16
Mathari Lavellan
During my first playthrough, I didn't know who I wanted to romance and I did limited research so as not to spoil certain events. So my understanding was Iron Bull was a VERY Fun time and was initially leaning towards him, Solas would essentially leave and come back in a DLC so that situation would be romantically tragic, and Cullen has been through so much shit that some Vanilla Love would be welcomed. I ended up choosing Cullen and now I can't see anyone else with him. I'm possessive like that. So the saves I made under Mari's name, I can't do them anymore even after getting a total makeover at the Black Emporium (the name was poking at my OCD). So I made a new character with the same look and with the official name.

I feel as though I betrayed my sense of neutrality. I generally kept things even. I played Origins as a dwarf first and romanced a male human. In 2, I had no choice being a human so I played female and romanced a female elf first. In Inquisition I finally played as an elf and was going for a qunari but then I ended up with another human. Then my second playthrough of Origins, I was a female elf and went for an elf. Second playthough of 2, I was a female mage and went for a male elf. In Inquisition, I've made numerous characters and I have an elf mage for Cassandra, a female elf mage for Bull (my friend's character since her computer can't run the game), an elf archer for Solas (didn't have a choice if I wanted to work on Solas), and the elf dual-wield I already had for Cullen. I'm not even into elves like that and I think I'm getting elf fever. That said, I don't think I'd be into dwarves any more if this were swapped. I feel so common getting elf fever. SAVE ME!!!
Mathari X Solas by Xai16
Mathari X Solas
Okay so as I'm loading this, I realize that I COMPLETELY FORGOT Solas' staff....not like he needs it I guess. So when I color it, I may add a horse because this was the scenario that played out in my head:

Solas wanted answers (don't know which, he practically knows everything, maybe wanted to see my Warden defile the sacred ashes meheheh) so he went back to the temple to explore the fade and Lavellan followed him out of curiosity from hearing about his trips in the fade. He noticed her and allowed her to follow and help put up wards. She explored the area and came across a few Avaar stragglers that fired upon her (I know the history with the Avaar, the elves, and Andraste, it's what I saw). She ran back to wake Solas but he wouldn't rouse so she lifted him up onto the horse (that is suddenly there) and tried to ride back to the safety of the Haven walls. An arrow came by surprise from the front and hit the horse, another promptly followed and hit her, knocking Mathari off the horse. Solas came with her as she instinctively reached for something to grab. Somehow that jolt awoke him and he found Mathari on the ground with and arrow in her chest. He stayed ready to defend.

Cheese and Ham and overdone, I know but this was just idle ideas too good to throw out and too inconsistent to make a short story out of. So I drew a picture, been wanting to draw this pose for a while. Note, this is not Mari (first playthrough character and paired to Cullen 4EVA!) because I just COULDN'T reuse Cullen's girl for Solas so I made another. I will find a good screenshot of her and put it up soon.
DAI Mari Lavellan by Xai16
DAI Mari Lavellan
I kicked myself for making a generic red-haired, green eyes elf; the elf part especially. To be fair, I'd played the first game with a female dwarf that romanced a human, a female Hawke that romanced an elf, and I intended to finally play as an elf in the third and romance a certain Qunari that liked red-heads but...Cullen....I at least made her unique looking enough to go against the norm but for some reason, the scars I put on her face stopped showing after the prologue. At least the game didn't add eyebrows; I fell in love with her without eyebrows. I gave her my mom's chin and a shorter face than most and made SURE she would wear some ORANGE in at least ONE outfit. I'm working with my sister to make a bust portrait I like her look so much. So Mari Lavellan, playful, flirtatious, and I WISH I had the skill to make a comic because there are some spots between gameplay and cutscenes that I'd LOVE to illustrate.
DAI Friendly Banter by Xai16
DAI Friendly Banter
I tried. So hard. I LOVED Dorian's give no fucks about approval attitude and his flirtatious nature. So I tried to get him. He led me on but he was the kind of person that could still flirt after boundaries were established and sexualities were revealed. I've always wanted that gay friend that I could chill with, that was used to being ostracized and judged that he recognized someone from equal backgrounds and didn't ostracize or judge himself, that gay friend that we could BOTH look at other men like they were a slap of meat and appreciate the view together, that didn't stand on ceremony simply because it was expected of him, that knew and loved himself enough to not take anyone's bullshit and remained playful enough that we could be tight. SO now I have that gay friend and if you can't tell, I'm a physical person and perfectly chill about the way I handle "sensitive subjects". Dorian is a playful flirt like myself - I don't see this position bothering him anymore than me - so I thought this would be cute.
So, I've recently changed my name. So~.................the next of my work will have a computerized signature that I created myself and after that, everything will have my new signature. So the first person who says I'm stealing shit, I still have the originals; try me.


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